A Brief Note On The American Auto Industry Essay

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American Auto Industry

The effect of competition in every industry in the market have brought different benefits to the consumers, such as product quality, lower price and varied products to choose. These are the direct results of healthy competitions in every industry in the globe. And that includes the automobile industry.

This essay delves into subject of environmental challenges the American auto industry is facing in terms of global competition, new technologies used, the effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions and the customer opinions of the American cars.

Global competition of American cars
As global competition intensifies in the past decades American automobile industry has continue searching for various ways to remain competitive in the market. GM, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler dubbed as the big three of U.S automobile industry. They are the powerful forces in the US market in producing high-quality pick-up trucks. However, with the advent of globalization these companies had faced great challenges one of which is to compete strongly with Asian and European cars. As the competition continues in the past decades, American cars faced an unprecedented difficulty in competing with foreign cars especially the Japanese automobiles. The main reason is Japanese car manufacturers able to secure comparative lower production costs and raw materials without harming the quality of their products. In addition, these translate to lower price of their…

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