A Brief Note On The Alaska Department Of Public Safety Essay

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On March 30, 2013, a Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopter crashed during a search and rescue mission (SAR) (NTSB 911AA Eurocopter, 2014). Earlier that day an individual wrecked on a snowmobile near Talkeetna, and called the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS). The dispatcher who received the call tried to set up a local land rescue. However, no local troopers were on duty, and no locals with SAR experience were willing to take the mission due to the deteriorating weather conditions. Once the efforts to coordinate a land rescue fell through the dispatcher contacted the Alaska State Trooper SAR coordinator. Together they agreed to arrange an air SAR using the Alaska DPS SAR helicopter to retrieve the injured snowmobile rider (NTSB 911AA Eurocopter, 2014). The SAR coordinator contacted the pilot for DPS around 2019. The pilot elected to check the weather prior to accepting the mission. After determining the weather was suitable, and notifying the coordinator he would accept the mission, the pilot went to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), in Anchorage, Alaska to pick up the helicopter (NTSB 911AA Eurocopter, 2014). At approximately 2100 the helicopter was towed out of the hanger and the pilot completed the preflight checks. Once the pilot started the rotors, the airport crew (who assisted the pilot with the helicopter) estimated that the pilot took off about 15 minutes after the helicopter was pulled out of the hanger (NTSB 911AA Eurocopter, 2014).…

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