Essay about A Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act

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As a nation that leads the world in countless innovations we lack the ability to take care of our own citizens regarding their health. The accessibility of health care has become a fight for insurance companies and citizens, and the Affordable Care Act has given corporations better mitts. As a capitalist obsessive country we refused to believe that the better solution is to work with the government than profit driven insurance companies. We have been told that the competition is actually helping the country, but in reality it takes away money that can go directly to patients than doctors and their respective medical facility and goes directly to their profit. The Affordable Care Act has given the chance for more Americans the ability to access health care, but at the same time the act has given health care insures the ability to take advantage of citizens who have to abide by the law which states that citizens must get health care. Inaccessibility in American health care is the cause of a country suffering because of its own government. The Affordable Care Act has allowed millions of Americans to access health care though subsidies for insurance coverage, this is what is known as a third party market. Adam Gaffney, a prominent health care writer from Salon, writes of how the system funnels the funds from the Act to insurance companies. Gaffney notes that the Act benefits the health care business, but fails to actually benefit the citizens who the subsidies were meant for.…

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