Essay on A Brief Note On Susan Beebe And Diana Ivy

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Lesson #1

Steven J. Beebe, Susan Beebe and Diana Ivy wrote “It may sound crass to consider a person’s value, but we do this every day. Our assessment of our value as persons is termed Self Esteem. (Beebe, Beebe, Ivy, Pg 40)”. Seeing how self-esteem is our perceived value in life overall, and in certain situations, our ability to be clearly understood, both verbally and non-verbally, is paramount to our self-esteem. Furthermore, we act and interact within our world, or sphere of influence by communication. If we are inept at communicating our ideas, wishes or desires, we can become frustrated and in some instances, embarrassed. We all want to be perceived as intelligent, thoughtful individuals with something worthy to be heard. If we cannot clearly and concisely convey those ideas, others will see us as limited, or unintelligent. Being self-aware allows us to see how we truly communicate, and if we are not satisfied, we can work on improving our communication skills to the level we desire, to a level we feel we should be communicating. In all the components of communication, noise is often the one element most difficult to control. Noise for the source of communication could be internal, such as failure to concentrate due to the fact the big boss just walked in and sat down to listen to your presentation. As to the receiver, their noise could be, in fact noise, like an air compressor running while their team lead is discussing tomorrows work assignments.…

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