A Brief Note On Supplements And Its Effect On Health Essay

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My Ethics paper is on supplements, supplements are something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Supplements have been used by many athletes to enhance their performance by ground-breaking measures. Supplements are classified as non food form products that assist with dietary plan, there is also dietary supplements which is used as a supplement for food which is mostly for people trying to lose weight and a healthy life style. Supplements come in to categories legal and illegal, Illegal tend to have more of an effect than the legal ones but also comes with harmful side effects that in some cases are irreversible. Legal tend to have a lower effect but still complements the use of performance enhancing benefits. Supplements come in different forms such as liquid, creams and powders as well as capsules. Things to look for on the packaging of a supplement is (DV) and (RDA), DV means daily value and RDA means recommended dietary allowance, these are just helpful guidelines the manufacture puts on them. Some supplements are regulated and tested by the FDA which is the food and drug administration, they have a special stamp on the supplements they are approved of being effective and non harmful to your bodies as well as confirming that the supplements contains and does what says.

Supplements have been studied for centuries by many scientists’ questioning their actual positive and negative abilities to enhance performance and look of the human body.…

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