A Brief Note On Sports And Sports Games Essay

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It is the middle of March. The majority of the population is settling down on this random Friday night, and the clock ticks toward 1 a.m. The night isn’t over for everyone though; There is a still a basketball game being played. The game is between the perennially suffering Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings, and it has no implications, both teams are eliminated from playoff contention, and the Kings lead the Wolves by over 30 points with a couple minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. It’s late, the game means nothing, and it’s not even close. Nobody in their right mind would be watching this game, except for me of course.

You see, I have an addiction. Thankfully for my parents, not to meth or cocaine, but to daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports, also known as DFS, is a very fast paced version of sports “gambling”. I put quotes around gambling because I have to come to learn it is far from a game of luck, but I will discuss that later. To play daily fantasy sports one simply drafts a team of 6-10 athletes depending on the sport, with the only restriction being to remain under the salary cap. (Players are assessed salaries based on past production and predicted production in the future). Fork over a few bucks, or a few thousand, to the these “online casinos” and you are ready to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every. Single. Night.

I am watching this game because I have dollar bills on the line, that night I had drafted Demarcus Cousins,…

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