A Brief Note On South Africa And The United States Essay example

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South Africa and the United States though is the rate of unemployment in South Africa is significantly higher. So I could see that the additional African immigrants making more of an impact on the economy and jobs compared to in the United States. Another factor to consider is the apartheid and the way black and colored people were treated. Because of the apartheid the systemic issue that more blacks and colored people in South Africa face issues of poverty and so the threat of other African people taking jobs is real.

The emotional trauma has created the question of what should be the response of the church and the people who suffered in the apartheid system. One way is to repent. According to the Frank Chikane article titled, “No life of My Own,” there was an emphasis of the preaching of the gospel that focuses on rebuilding of communities and of oneself. In the article Chikane states, “The need to be born again, to be changed into a new creature, a new person, a child of God. To go through a process of conscious personal commitment, to confess one’s sins and be forgiven them, washed cleansed- with the blood of Jesus.” I think it is also important to acknowledge that God not only will forgive our sins, but God will also forgive other people’s sins. So, repentance is the forgiveness of others for God and for yourself. In addition, Chikane explains how, “this highly evangelical faith we could see that those white oppressors who claimed to be Christian could not be living…

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