A Brief Note On Sociology And Its Impact On Society Essays

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The world is always changing and with this comes change of what is considered socially acceptable and what is not; the study of everything of this nature is called sociology and within this field of study are different sub fields that focus on specific aspects of society such as why we accept change if others are following it or why we reject what someone else is doing because they are straying from the larger groups opinions of right and wrong. Now sociologist dig even deeper and name the aspects of what society is doing and start to define our actions with key words or phrases such as folkways, mores, norms, and sanctions. Folkways are what sociology considers a way to talk to or interact with another person without being rude or inconsiderate. In other words it draws a line between what is right and what is considered rude. Mores run around the same guidelines as folkways but instead of distinguishing between rude and right Mores draw a line between what is socially right and wrong. Here is where it gets tricky for me personally the definition of value to me has always been about money or the worth of an object, but the definition of value changes drastically when it comes to the study of sociology. In Sociology value is not about the worth of any materialistic thing but rather the measurement of something good or desirable in your life such as a need of a loving relationship with your significant other you hold this as at a higher desire than anything…

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