A Brief Note On Social And Emotional Development Essay

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Babies are distinct personalities showing common patterns of development. One baby can be cheerful while another can be fussy and another can be quiet and sleepy. “Social-emotional development includes the child’s experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others” (Cohen et al 2005).
As an infant I was very shy but happy child. My mom took great care of me during early infant days as I came 2 weeks before due-date. She efficiently managed infant care during my time, as she was well prepared. My sister was a great helper too as she was 3 years old. Although, she developed depression as I was an unwanted girl child and she recovered from a mid-trimester abortion right before conceiving me. Therefore, my father’s relatives looked after me.
Toddler days were fun and active. I was a very inquisitive child. I found places to hide at home and at parks. I sought permission from mom or dad to pick up stuff from their room like my mom’s purse and my dad’s glasses. I got them to play in case I finished my dinner fast. I asked a lot of questions but my parents spend most of their time in hospital performing surgeries. My questions left unanswered and I learnt to accept the facts. Once, probably when dad was late for work, I asked him to help me put on my socks and he scolded me for having not learnt it so far. Being a bed-wetter, I used to wake up with nightmares late in the…

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