A Brief Note On Single Parent Household Roles Essay

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Single Parent Household Roles Gender roles are the roles in society that are accepted widely around them. It is a certain set of standard that each gender is expected to follow. Gender stereotyping usually occurs when someone decides to step outside of the “role” they are to follow. It is when someone believes they should act a certain way and not stray away from it. Some different roles that you might see women playing is the nurturing mother who stays home and cleans, cooks, and takes care of the children while the father is out working hard providing for the family. As in single-parent households, that is the complete opposite. Men and women both differentiate in many different ways like physical looks, cognitive thinking, personalities, and behaviors. Some of the differences in their physical aspects are that for men they have testes and a deepened voice while women have ovaries and widen hips. The cognitive differences are men are better visual learners while women have better verbal abilities. Men’s personalities seem to be less emotional while they don’t really talk about their feelings while women seem to be very good at opening up and talking to others about intimate matters. Finally, men’s behavior is higher levels of aggression and women seems of have more indirect forms of aggression. Single-parenting is know as when one parent is in the care of the child(ren) under the age of eight-teen. This can happen from divorce, death of one parent,…

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