A Brief Note On Shin Dong Hyuk 's Life During The Korean War Essay

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Shin Dong-Hyuk was born and raised captive in a North Korean prison camp known as Camp 14, punished in place of his two uncles who defected to South Korea during the Korean War. Camp 14 does not only contain political prisoners, but also their families, which is a practice known as “three generations of punishment.” While at the prison camp, Shin’s mother and brother were caught attempting to escape, and the government forced Shin, who was only thirteen, to sit in the front row as they were both executed. Growing up in the camp, he had to endure a number of cruel punishments, such as being set on fire, and getting his finger cut off for dropping a sewing machine. There was almost little to no food in the country, let alone in the prison camps. Inmates, including Shin, were forced to consume grass and tree bark in order to stay alive. He even witnessed horrors, such as prison guards forcing a mother to drown her newborn baby in a bowl of water. After twenty-three brutal years, Shin and his friend, Park, decided to plot an escape through the electric fence that surrounded the camp. Unfortunately, Park was electrocuted, and he was forced to watch his friend die. He eventually found asylum in South Korea, where the nightmares of Camp 14 still haunt him (Ryall). Shin Dong-Hyuk had to endure all of this pain in order to live a better life outside of a cruel regime that the world chooses to ignore by allowing it to exist. Atrocious stories like his will continue if the world…

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