A Brief Note On Sepsis And The Primary Diagnosis, Treatment, And Coding Practices For Sepsis

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Sepsis is a medical emergency. Over one million people are affected by sepsis in the US each year, of which over 280,000 do not survive. Sepsis is the most expensive hospital condition, exceeding $20 billion in healthcare costs in 2011. The Coalition for Sepsis Survival (C4SS) is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to significantly reduce sepsis mortality and morbidity by leading state initiatives to build sepsis awareness and best practice treatment. Current publicly available data reveals that sepsis mortality rates, across 40 leading Colorado hospitals, vary from as low as 7% to as high as almost 30%. A key objective for C4SS is to conduct a statewide hospital study to determine the factors behind this wide variance and to identify practical solutions that individual hospitals can cost effectively implement to reduce sepsis mortality and morbidity.
The following is a draft proposal of the Colorado Sepsis Survival Study. This proposal aims to evaluate the variability in the primary diagnosis, treatment, and coding practices for sepsis cases. The current proposal is broad in scope, assessing the Emergency Department diagnosis and triage, in-hospital diagnosis and management, quality improvement programs, cultural assessment, and financial analysis. C4SS is seeking guidance from medical experts and leaders in healthcare to provide feedback on the study scope, design, and methodology. The primary objectives include the development of standardized…

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