A Brief Note On Saint Vincent 's Hospital Hillsboro, Oregon Essay

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I was born in June 1992 at Saint Vincent’s hospital Hillsboro, Oregon. From the stories I’ve been told my grandparents and my two siblings were at the hospital with my mother, and my father was at a job site and called my mother to tell her that he was not going to make it because he was too tired to drive. That is what I know of my birth and that we moved around quite a bit in the first two years of my life before we moved into my grandparents. From the beginning I do not know if I was planned or not planned, but being the youngest is not the best thing in the world. In 1994, I was two years old when my family; mother, father, older sister, older brother, and me, moved into my grandparents’ house and my grandparents moved into an RV on the same property. This plan was set for a short time until my parents get on their own feet to move out again. This shift in my family brought my grandparents and me closer together as a family. I remember many times where my grandmother, Nana, would come in and work at the office and then clean the house, because I never saw my mother clean or pick up after us kids. My grandfather, Papa, owned his own auto shop and worked at home, they are a great team, so when my parents were on a job my grandparents would watch us three until they came back. In 1996, my parents gave me a violin for Christmas something that I fell in love with and it brought my mother and I close, because she was the one taking me to lessons once a week. When I…

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