A Brief Note On Saint Leo University Master Of Social Work Program

1394 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
1. What are your specific professional goals? How would the Saint Leo University Master of Social Work Program, with its emphasis on advanced clinical practice, help you to achieve your goals? Within the field of social work, there are several opportunities for growth and advancement and I plan to take advantage of them. Within the next five to six years, I plan to complete my Master of Social Work and then I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Women Studies/Gender Studies. My goal is to create a non-profit agency that inspires women and girls to move beyond their ordinary selves by helping them embrace their extraordinary self through the facilitation of workshops, skill development classes, mentoring, internships, empowerment sessions, and community outreach. I strongly believe that our homes, communities, social institutions and societies revolve around women because we are the givers of life, rather it is birthing a child into this world or simply creating an idea that flourishes. When we engage in social work, our development focused practice draws heavily on social planning, community organization, group empowerment, group planning, institution building and community building. Therefore, women and girls are always at the core of such engagement and there is no way to avoid the real issues that plague them. For years oppressive systems have hindered women and girls economically, politically and geographically and as a result, women have lost hope. It is my goal to reignite…

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