Essay about A Brief Note On Quality And Safety Activities

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1.2.4. Quality and Safety Activities
Managers often engage themselves in activities that are strategy centered, culture centered and data centered. Strategy centered activities are those activities that managers engage in which in turn prioritizes the healthcare facility goals of safety and quality. Boards, therefore, often have specific centered goals through which they can in turn realize their agenda. Culture centered activities always focus on enhancing the safety of patients by promoting a culture through which safety and quality are of top priorities. Finally, data centered activities are those activities through which constant information is sent to healthcare management departments (Parand et al., 2014).
According to Karma, Singh and Kumar (2015), several factors influence patients to use health services within different health facilities. These forces include psychological, social, cultural, political and economic forces. Therefore, activities that the management promotes and in turn, nurses and doctors engage in directly affect levels of satisfaction. To enhance satisfaction of patients, activities that the healthcare management and the nurses and doctors engage in should consider these factors. On the same note, health care facilities managers should evaluate the level of patient satisfaction to find out whether the services they offer are as effective as it is expected.
Not only are managers within health care facilities the ones who concern themselves with…

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