A Brief Note On Poverty And Food Insecurity Essay

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Poverty and Food Insecurity
Before Research I honestly know nothing about people on food stamps or disability except that some people need it and others just use it. I do not really think about the people themselves either. As far as I am concerned, they are just people with different problems compared to me. There really is not a certain way they should act either. Even if they should act extremely grateful for using the resources, many still will not anyway. Items they own are in a similar case. The only difference is that to get services like food stamps they should not be able to buy a new phone that was launched in stores yesterday. If I was in this scenario, recovery is not something that I would likely consider. If resources such as food stamps, disability, or Medicaid were not available, the chances of consideration would be even lower. The saddest part about the entire question of whether I would attempt to recover is, no circumstances could convince me I should recover. It appeals to me just as much as not recovering.
Income inequality has a drastic effect on the ability for people and families to get basic resources they need. With the top one percent having so much of the world’s monetary value, many people worldwide are struggling to get these resources such as food and water. This should not be the case though. There is enough currency value to have no poverty line at all. If there truly is enough money for everyone to thrive, why do we have people starving?…

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