Essay about A Brief Note On Pollution Causes And Effects

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AHMED MOSTAFA POLLUTION CAUSES AND EFFECTS Pollution is one of the most serious and dangerous problems facing the world nowadays in all countries around the world .The Pollution has many causes with serious harmful effects on all forms of life in the earth . The air pollution is caused by many factors like vehicle emissions , factories waste products and burning trash resulting in damage to ; The ozone layer , acid rain , damaging crops and harming human health .
Generally, air pollution causes could be the same around the world but there’s specific causes limited to some countries like industrial countries for example in Egypt ; This country suffers a lot from air pollution due to factory emissions and burning the waste products in open areas causing a lot of smoke polluting the air ,On the other hand, agricultural countries have different causes for air pollution like spreading the chemicals in the air and using huge machines to cultivate the crops which emits a lot of smoke .
As a result of all of this harmful practices of humans against the nature it responds in different forms to protect itself like acid rain ; which is formed because of the reactions between chemicals waste products of factories in the air , When these chemicals mix together in air and fall down with rain, it harms the crops and harms the marine life in seas . The harmful consequences of pollution goes further…

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