Essay about A Brief Note On Political Parties And Leadership

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IV. Result and Analysis
Politically Connected Firms
Based on in-depth research, we managed to identify a list of stocks that have linked to political parties and leadership. Since in the election in 2014 there are two candidates we divided into Political Winning (Ir. Joko Widodo- M. Jusuf Kalla) and Political Lose (Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Rajasa). As a result, there are a total of 54 firms were identified over a test period of the presidential election in 2014 as politically connected. Politically Connected Winning Firms
Based on our data, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla as Koalisi Indonesia Hebat (KIH) are supported by four business conglomerate which are Edward Soeryadjaja (Astra Group), Robert Budi Hartono (Djarum Group) James Riady (Lippo Group) and Anthony Salim (Salim Group), three lists of supporters and eight list of ministry in the cabinet. In addition, we eliminate 1 relisting firms and 2 listed firms which are not liquid traded during the event window. From these results, the final results of politically connected winning are 37 lists of firms who support Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla in presidential election 2014. Figure 2 Politically Connected Winning Firms Coalition
Based on Figure 2, 73% equal to 28 firms comes from conglomeration business firms who supported Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla. Then, in second position 22% or amount 8 firms derived from list of ministers in cabinet, and rest of 5% taken from successor team. In other words, Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla most…

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