A Brief Note On Police Corruption And Misconduct Essay

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Police corruption and misconduct has been a concern since the inception of the first police force. Every workplace has individuals who commit illegal or unethical acts of misconduct. The police department is no exception. Officers are responsible for acts of corruption, excessive use of force and brutality, violations of due process, racial discrimination and various other unethical behaviors. There are certain types of misconduct that occur most often and they have a wide reaching effect on the community as a whole. Researchers have come up with many theories as to why these types of misconduct occur, while officers have their own excuses. Police departments are utilizing several methods to reduce the occurrence of misconduct and looking for additional ways to eliminate corruption and officer misconduct as much as possible. This paper examines the history of corruption in the police force, discusses common types of misconduct and attempts to determine causality and what steps can be taken to reduce the occurrences of police misconduct.


In the Industrial Age of the early 1800’s, there was a significant increase in poverty and crime in urban England. Sir Robert Peel, the “father of modern policing”, developed and presented a proposal to Parliament for a new police organization that would help in the reduction and prevention of crime in the city. Parliament established in 1829 the first police agency called the London Metropolitain Police. (Prenzler,…

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