A Brief Note On Plastic Surgery And Its Impact On Society Essay

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The development of these specialty fields in medicine reflected the shift toward healthcare being a consumer market over the first half of 20th century. During the early 19th century, before WWI, medical specialty was not that focused on repairing disfiguring injuries. The trench warfare in WWI exposed the faces and heads of soldiers to horrible injuries; as a result, the soldiers who survived faced social isolation, this prompt medical specialty to begin to work on finding ways to fix the disfiguring injuries. The impacts of warfare, social-economic, and medical discoveries are factors that influenced, the way plastic surgery developed (Mosley, 2015). Plastic surgery as a specialty developed from the War and its impacts on humanity. In Mosely article on “How do you fix a face that’s been blown off by shrapnel, it states “The thousands of soldiers were killed many millions more were crippled or badly deformed, often requiring inventive and specialized surgical treatments. The War was a driven force for improvements in techniques in this field. Shrapnel wounds, burns, and traumatic amputation were common and plastic surgeons such as Harold Gillies, in the First World War (1914-18) and Archibald McIndoe in the Second World War (1939-45) developed new methods to repair disfiguring wounds.” While World War I acted as a driven force to raise plastic surgery in advancement, World War II brought further growth and refinement of the specialty (Mosley, 2015).
A surgeon name Harold…

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