A Brief Note On Physician Assisted Suicide And Suicide Essay

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Physician-Assisted Suicide There is one thing that you can be certain of your entire life; you are going to die. We had no choice to be born, so should we have no choice when we die? Oftentimes we do not even know when we are going to die, in instances such as car accidents or murders. Sometimes we do know, and the death process can be long and drawn out, with pain, suffering, and mountains of medical bills. When talking about having the choice of life or death, I do not mean the choice to commit suicide because some problem in life leaves you feeling like you do not wish to live. I am talking about being on your deathbed, whether it is a month or a few hours away, with no chance of recovery and guaranteed pain and suffering. When someone knows they are going to die, that no doctor or medicine is going to fix what ails them, that all they are going to do is suffer to the end, should they not have the choice to end their life on their terms? I believe they should. In this paper I hope to impress upon the reader the value of physician-assisted suicide and why it isn’t as terrible as it may sound. Physician-assisted suicide, at this time, is legal in Montana, Washington, and Oregon. How does physician-assisted suicide happen? First a person must make two oral requests for suicide 15 days apart to the physician, along with one written request, witnessed by two people (Ardelt, 2003). The physician must then make the patient aware of all available alternatives to suicide such…

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