Essay on A Brief Note On Peer Pressure Among Adolescents

1154 Words May 7th, 2016 null Page
Title: Social Pressure on Those Who Are Different

Peer pressure is exerted on an individual or individuals by their peer to conform to expected norms. The peer pressure philosophically can split into two groups Direct and Indirect. Direct implies the peer pressure influence can be either physically or verbally communicative such as asking to participate in an activity which is illegal. Indirect specify it is discrete, including more emotional and mental pressures; such as putting the individual in a position to feel that they need to accept everything because that is what is expected. However, social pressure put upon smaller groups including women, teens and those with different gender identities consider themselves at risk in a conventional society.
People often justify past decisions and preserve consistency between their statement and actions. Peer pressure among adolescents is one the largest concerns in society because it is related to the development of one’s personal identity that could affect their psychological development. How could today’s adolescent be themselves in social groups that contrast their own beliefs? Studies show that teens are interested in technology which is hoe they socializing with others through social media. In the “Pew Research Center” by Amanda Lenhart she reports that: “Give the thorough integration of social media into the lives of the majority of American teens, it is most surprise that these sites play an important role in the…

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