A Brief Note On Peer File Sharing Application Essay

961 Words May 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Peer to peer file sharing application is important network sharing application for the organization in terms of its demands and security risks. It has loads of benefits such as sales increase, easy access to control employees and clients and so on. Although it has many benefits for the organization, peer to peer file sharing application poses risk to the organization intellectual property and software security. Security criteria is a main part of the overall evaluation process. We identified that many unauthorized installation were installed during a process of installation of peer to peer file sharing software on company computers, servers, laptops and notebooks. So, we evaluate three possible technology based solution which provide reliability and security on company network infrastructure. This three possible technology is also called analysis of alternatives (AoA), which can be used to choose between two or more technology alternative. We also provide a matrix to categorize and evaluate the risk associated with the installation process on company network infrastructure.

Threats and Vulnerabilities
There are high risk of internal and external threat agents when downloading of an unauthorized file sharing software on company computers and servers. It is very important to know about those threat which could spread very quickly to the whole company network through unintentional agents and malicious agents. Employees may not aware about those kinds of malicious threat…

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