A Brief Note On Overall Bed And Breakfast Essays

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STATUS OF THE OVERALL INDUSTRY A bed and breakfast is typically a small lodging establishment that offers overnight stays for guests and sometimes serves breakfast in the morning. These places are typically private homes that use their spare rooms for the guests. There are numerous reasons for travelers to choose Bed and Breakfast establishments over traditional hotels. Bed and Breakfast lodgings on the average are at least fifty percent cheaper than traditional hotels, they are more personal than traditional hotels, and they are most often in neighborhoods as opposed to hotel districts which gives the homier feel. There are a few drawbacks to B&B’s however. A guest may not have a private bathroom or a television in their room as they would in a hotel. The fact that they are in specific neighborhoods may mean they are far from any type of entertainment or nightlife that is typically located closely to hotel areas. It is however, a nice alternative to hotel chains and for the cost-effective guest, a Bed and Breakfast may be the best route. With the invent of AirBnB, the industry has seen a revival and is thriving perhaps more than ever.
THE PRODUCT The operational definition of a Bed and Breakfast is: a generic term encompassing a wide variety of accommodations, having anywhere from one to 15 guest rooms. Generally, some kind of food service at breakfast time is provided as part of the price. These places are more for travelers…

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