A Brief Note On Osteoporosis And Its Effects Essay

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I chose the topic of osteoporosis because it is a disease that almost every old person face after their bones wears down. Osteoporosis is when your bones do not have enough calcium and due to that the bones become brittle and weak. Old people and postmenopausal have the higher risk of getting this disease due to their bones getting older and weaker. Younger people wouldn’t have this problem if they ate enough calcium. Bones are an important part of your body because half of your body is bones and muscles. They protect all your organs and necessary parts. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to stand up straight or even walk. You would be just a blob.

When you get osteoporosis, it means your bones are weak and brittle. Normal bone marrow has small holes throughout and when osteoporosis happens, there are large holes. Many factors contribute in getting this degenerating bone disease. Smoking, overweight and malnutrition are some causes to this disease. During the first 20 years of development, formation of bones is important. So whatever amount of exercise you do, it does affect you later on in life. Even after the 20 years of your life, the prevention of bone loss is vital. Anything that can make your bone lose mass, it leads to fragile bones. Osteoporosis is hard to detect in the early stages but it shown to give fractures to many. Exposure to this disease more than the limit can make height reduced or stooped posture.
Osteoporosis can be detected in two major ways which…

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