A Brief Note On Online Education And Education Essay

1883 Words Mar 24th, 2016 8 Pages
Problem Statement Bettering oneself through education is an admirable action. Unfortunately, due to the demands of life, economic fluctuations, proximity, cost, and dozens of other factors, many people shy away from earning a college education. Fortunately, because of its flexibility (Young, 2006), online education and blended learning has emerged and is quickly becoming an acceptable alternative to face-to-face classroom instruction (Oliver, 2011; Crawford-Ferre & Wiest, 2012). Online education also provides the flexibility needed to access college courses outside of face-to-face ideologies for traditionally underserved populations (Parry & Baird, 2012; Xu & Jaggers, 2014). Although the concept of distance education is not new, online courses are increasingly popular and suit the lifestyles of many students far better than face-to-face courses, because an online education provides students more control over their education (Britt, 2015). Donathan & Hanks (2009) point out that online education is a hot topic in higher education and the demand is continuously increasing. Not only are students turning to distance learning programs, instructors are also seeking out online teaching positions for a variety of reasons (Carnevale, 2003). While the demand for these programs and the desire to teach them is great news for universities with online programs, there is a great responsibility for these programs to provide quality instruction. Due to the increased interest and enrollment…

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