A Brief Note On Nurses And Patient Ratio Essay

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1. Nurse to patient ratios

In 2011 the nurse to patient ratio was introduced to Queensland Legislation which means the number of nurses on a ward to the number of patients under their care. I feel that the ratio is not meeting the requirements of what is actually needed in our hospitals or any care facilities. This is a major problem that is facing our nurses in today’s society. Over my time working in aged care and also having placement in the hospital throughout my course I found that nurses take on quite a large load. In the hospital setting I found on some shifts there were 16 patients to 1 RN and 1 EN working ratio 1:8 and the nurses were run off their feet. This is a critical ratio where there could possibly be a lot of errors made. This in turn effects the care to the patients with the stress that nurses are put under on a daily basis. These large ratios are due to the cuts that have happened over the last decade. With nursing staff having to take on a larger patient load means that nurses are mentally fatigued, run off their feet and are sometimes missing breaks, which puts patients health at risk and causing nurses to burn out. With the inadequate staffing comes increased negative patient outcomes causes a larger strain on the healthcare budget as patients are taking longer to heal or getting a second infection in the hospitals.
I’d firstly like to look at the nursing to patient ratios with in the eastern continent of Australia over the last decade leading up to…

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