Essay on A Brief Note On Nationality

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A Brief note on Nationality:
According to my perception, nationality means belongingness to a particular nation by birth or by nationalization, it also comprise when people have common tradition, culture, values, ethics, origin or often a nation. For example, immigrants of same nationality often seek out for each other, this usually defines their sense of nationality and belongingness.
Nationality is also considered as a legal relationship between a state and a person, and nationality usually grants protection by the state to the people, and few obligations towards the state on the people. It’s only because of nationality that people have basic rights and duties towards their state, and these rights and duties vary from country to country. Basically it differs legally and technically from citizenship, although in many of the modern countries, all citizens are the nationals of the state and all nationals are the citizens of the state. State jurisdiction is afforded by the nationality to the people and also the protection of the state. The best and the most basic varied feature of citizenship is that, in this the citizens have the right to participate in the political activities of the state, either by voting or by standing for elections. Citizens and non-citizens are both included in the national sphere. People often use nationality as an alternative word for ethnicity and for that reason people assumes that nationality and citizenship are identical. Nationality can also…

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