A Brief Note On Music And Black Culture Essay

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Music and Black culture The history of black culture goes back approximately 120,000 years in Africa. During this period in time and throughout history, black people have seen times of hierarchy, sorrow, slavery, racism, prejudice, justice and freedom. In these heart breaking and joyous times, music has been a form of expression for the black community in more ways than one. The topic of black culture is something that has gained more and more attention over the past few years. We have seen black culture shown through positive and in most cases negative representations. Music is something that has developed and grown into the most influential thing that it is today. Black culture is expressed through the music that has been created tremendously, from slave songs and calypso to rap and hip- hop music. It leaves a lasting impression on the listeners and influences those that are apart of the black community.
Western Art Music
Romantic music Era
During the romantic music era, slavery was being practiced throughout the American colonies, in the 17th and 18th centuries. The romantic era consisted of music by Beethoven, Wagner and Franck but these were westernized composers and musicians. Since slavery began to dominate most of the western society slave songs became very popular amongst the black community. There was a variety of song that slaves would sing. Three being religious songs, work songs and recreational songs. Religious songs were usually sang acapella and…

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