A Brief Note On Musculoskeletal Disorders And The Workplace Essays

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Do you, like many others; slouch when working at a desk, or experience pain or discomfort after getting up? Do you work many hours at a table or a computer screen? You are not alone. In fact many people have this sedentary lifestyle, usually because of the job they have, students, especially college students, or just choose to sit all day at home. Well, we probably have not noticed this but we generally don’t even know that we are causing harm to our body’s musculature by creating habitual sitting positions. Musculoskeletal disorders generally develop from long-term improper body mechanics. Musculoskeletal disorders are also the very common in areas like the workplace. But we can all do something to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. In this research paper I used a faculty member that currently works at South Piedmont Community College to help me with my research. Her name is Makena Stewart, and she spends a good amount of time sitting in front of a computer screen.
My client sits in front of a computer screen for a long time and this can cause her to have a couple of seated neck injuries. A few very common neck injuries that are found in poorly ergonomically structured workplaces are neck tension and forward head posture. My client experiences frequent pain, or sometimes discomfort, in her left side of her neck. She stated that normally when she picks up the phone to answer a phone call, she automatically takes it to her left side, as shown in figure 1 and 2. This means…

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