Essay on A Brief Note On Movie ' One Sided Break Ups '

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One Sided Break Ups.
Dating can be a wonderful and joyful experience but it can also be an emotional roller coaster of life, other times it just doesn’t work out. From casual relations to romantic ones, journeying into the next step of being in a relationship should be taken with caution. I thought that I had found that one person, but unfortunately the relationship didn’t work out. Sometimes the ending really is the worse part, being on the receiving end of the terminated relationship really slays the heart. My situation would have been better if both parties could have come to an understanding. Nonetheless when a break up is one sided the other party may feel at fault and blame themselves. The effects of being broken up with can result in a negative outlook, insecurities, and depression.
My previous relationship was very serious in terms of understanding one another. I felt a closeness to him for his open heart and gentlemen qualities although that close bond I had formed with my partner had vanished before me, I’d like to remember them fondly one day. Many couples have a routine that keeps them in balance. We were constantly organizing our life schedule to have time together, but still be able to work and get our studying done. The imbalance that I felt made me lose some interest in goals that I set every day. Without the motivation and encouragement from my spouse, I had feelings that were difficult to cope with. I started looking at things more negatively then usual…

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