A Brief Note On Mexico 's Sovereignty Through Drug Trafficking

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This essay will argue the three main impacts to Mexico’s sovereignty through drug trafficking. The three main points in this essay will be, the impact of drug related violence, corruption due to drug trafficking and the exportation of drugs out of Mexico. Each point will reflect the problem and the effects of the problem within Mexico. It will also reflect on how the Mexican government tried to combat the problem in close reference to the reign of Felipe Calderon who took presidency in 2006 which is a key element when arguing the impacts of the “war on drugs”. This essay will also highlight the initiatives taken by the Mexican government to ensure the safety of the citizens and analyse the depth in which these impacted the sovereignty of Mexico. The possession of sovereign power; supreme political authority; paramount control of the constitution and frame of government and its administration (Dictionary, 2014).

In a study undertaken in 2011, the data collected showed there were just over 50,000 murders perpetrated by organized crime in Mexico from 2006 through 2011 (Molzahn, Rios, & Shirk, 2012). In the article written by Francisco Gonzales called Mexico’s Drug Wars Get Brutal he quoted, “Given the rising tide of violence and the mounting evidence of drug related corruption at all levels of government, it is probably fair to say that so far, the cartels have managed to take the lead in a physiological war against the Mexican Government” (Gonzales, 2008, p. 72). Drug…

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