A Brief Note On Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

1417 Words Dec 7th, 2014 6 Pages
Racism in News Media is one of the primary way to know the affairs of the world. People believes what they see on newspaper or television without judging if the -information is trustworthy or not. Sometimes the way a situation is presented on media is the exact opposite of the reality. The people in power do not let ordinary citizen know the truth. If the authentic news was provided, general people would think situations differently. In this century, media is a powerful way to spread information rapidly. If fact, it is controlling people. Masses are not aware of it. The media only provides the information which is beneficial for the huge companies. So, everything media provides should not be trusted; news should be justified by people. The United States is the most diverse nation. Still it is not a country for racial minorities. In news, racism is so prominent. Their news is biased. People acquire wrong ideas from these news. Before judging anything, general people should be more concern about knowing the truth. Otherwise people will have wrong ideas about a certain race or group. Media is providing the information just as they want people to believe. They do not provide the full story of a certain incident. Sometimes they do not reveal the truth. For example, in 1983, 90% of America’s media was controlled by 50 different companies. It was possible to know more point of views on the news. Unfortunately the media is now controlled by only 6 giant companies. More than 90%…

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