Essay about A Brief Note On Marc And The Ercp Room

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On October 30th, 2015, Marc and I were assigned in the ERCP room. When we started the first case, he made a comment that if he knew he was going to be in ERCP that morning, he would not come to work, because he hates working in ERCP for its uncomfortably hot setting etc... I then tried to change the conversation to a more positive discussion by telling him I did ask Mandy to assign me to work with him instead of Leanne since I am in the process of relearning some of the skills and I will not be able to teach Leanne about ERCP. He stated, “Well, Mandy will have to work by herself tomorrow, I was going to do call with her.”

When I brought the second patient, I realized she was booked for a diagnostic ERCP, so I asked Marc if I could assist Dr. Lutzak and if I needed guidance for some technique I could ask him, but he did not say a word. After we transferred the patient on an x-ray table, Marc automatically went to the nursing desk area and started doing vital signs. Since he did not communicate with me, I assumed that I was going to assist the doctor. Right before we started the procedure, Dr.Lutzak informed us that he needed to do EUS prior to the ERCP and he might put pancreatic stents. When I realized the diagnostic ERCP changed into a more complex procedure, I asked Marc if we could switch roles so that he can assist the doctor without interruption, and I will look after the patient. He said “No” and decided to call the front desk for an extra nurse to come in to help. I…

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