A Brief Note On Malware Risk And Its Lack Of Knowledge Or Carelessness

1126 Words Oct 24th, 2014 null Page
Assignment #2 The reason why normal people tend to expose themselves to the malware risk is mostly due to their lack of knowledge or carelessness. For example, in the text it states that “many people ignore the content of the want to trust this applet?” and merely click trust. The problem is that unsuspecting people are not fully reading what these dialog boxes say and they will simply “allow any signed applet to run on their machine.” Also, it could be due to their lack of awareness when remembering certain website names. Basically, if a person types in a similar URL, but not the correct one it connects them to their own site. Lastly, the attacker can obtain a mailing list which would allow them to send emails containing their website link. The unwary person clicks on the email link thinking it is the correct site and now the attacker can access their credentials. Before stating which websites have clones, I will give a few details about website cloning. It uses “scripts and formats of existing sites to create a complete fresh and new website” (Website Clone, n.d). You can either clone the scripts or design of the original website. Instagram has a cloned site entitled pic-o-gram. The developer is appscript.com and it’s labeled under the clone of Facebook as well (Instagram clone, n.d). Another cloned website is MediaShare. It is considered to be the clone of many websites including: YouTube and Fotolog. It is a PHP script where you can build video, audio and…

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