Essay on A Brief Note On Luxembourg And The United States

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Landlocked by Belgium from NW, by Germany from NE and By France from the south Luxembourg is a small but strategically important country in Europe. The historical accounts of Luxembourg are no different then its other EU counterparts. The wars and invasions have affected Luxembourg as much as they have affected other countries (Central Intelligence Agency).

Central Intelligence Agency. Central Intelligence Agency, 15 Sept. 2015. Web. 25 Sept. 2015.

Luxembourg is a country that has a lot in common to that in the United States. The cultural and religious diversity has played a major part in the present as well in the historical prospective. Both were Dutch Colonies, however, the United States was majorly ruled by the British. The United States had a history war of independence that resulted in the evolution of the laws and the very foundations of the civil movements. On the other hand the independence of the Luxembourg was a result of the changing taking place in Europe. The Luxembourg’s Constitution guarantees freedom of religion just as it does in the United States. As in the United States Luxembourg’s population includes people of different faiths the majority of the people of Luxembourg are Catholic about 87% other 13% include Jewish, Muslims and Protestants (2000 est). In the United States the religious groups consist of Protestant, 51.3%, Roman Catholic, 23.9%, Mormon, 1.7%, other Christian, 1.6%, Jewish, 1.7%, Buddhist, 0.7%, Muslim, 0.6%, other or…

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