A Brief Note On Lawn And Its Benefits Essay example

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When to aerate lawn and its benefits?
Description: if you are worried about when to aerate lawn then you should check the health of your soil to know the perfect timing. Generally late summer and early autumn are the best time for the same.
Lawn aeration is one of the best ways to take care of your lawn. With this process, you can let the water and air into the soil in order to relieve the compaction. Compaction is a general phenomenon which makes soil tighter and poses a problem for the air and water to reach the soil’s pores. With the help of this system, you can give keep your soil profile in good condition. Now if you are thinking that when to aerate lawn then you should choose the late summer or the early autumn as the preferred time for the same. Some people also prefer the summer to do this job but late summer is an ideal time for this. There are various benefits that one can get from applying this process.
Benefits of aeration
The benefits that can be derived from the soil aeration are as follows,
• Better lawn drainage: one of the most important and visible benefits of this process is the better lawn drainage system. The small holes that are created with the help of this system help the water to penetrate deep into the soil and make it the drainage system better.
• Better absorption of nutrients and air: when compaction makes it difficult for the soil to get air and vital nutrients, on the other hand with holes and pores created with the aeration soil can get…

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