A Brief Note On Lance And Lance 's ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Lance woke up to see the beautiful Californian sunny day appear through his weathered windows. His head ached as did the rest of his thin, yet muscular build pale complexion body. Lance lived in a shabby townhouse with Ms. Willow and her son, Cameron, who was Lance’s best friend. Both Cameron and Lance were at the age of 17. They shared the same workspace at Manny’s Auto-shop. When Lance was 12 years old, his mother was killed in their house and his father left him alone to grief. Lance hadn’t seen his father in person since his mother’s funeral. Lance did receive a minimal random cards filled with $100 or more from him, but it wasn’t the love and attention Lance wanted. Lance would be working Ernie’s shift at the shop that day after school. Ernie was another one of Lance’s buds. Walking down the archaic hallway dressed in his work attire, a monotonous and bland jumpsuit, Lance could hear Ms. Willow chatting with her son and preparing breakfast. She was like a mother to him and she was good at it. “Good Morning,” he uttered as he went over to hug her and enjoy breakfast...
Lance was riding home on a bike he got for his birthday after a long strenuous day at the shop. He had his earbuds in his ears singing audibly to all within 1000 feet. Lance was singing “I shake it off, I shake it off. Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break,” when he heard a car horn honking loudly at him. He wondered what the problem was as he took the headphones out.
The car…

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