Essay about A Brief Note On Labor Workers And Labor Factory Workers

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Many Guatemalans work as miners, farmers, fishers, textile factory workers, manual labor factory workers. Some more fortunate people have normal jobs in businesses or offices, but a large percent of the population has jobs in unsafe circumstances. Many very poor Guatemalan families, even young children, work sorting through the trash dumps to search for certain items like plastics and useful materials that could be salvaged and used again. They do this for extremely low and unfair pay.

There are terrible working conditions if you are not in the high class. Over 100,000 Guatemalans for example, work at maquilas which are factories where you manufacture clothing to be exported out. Many young girls and women work there, and usually the factories are full of illegal health hazards and are usually dangerous. What is even worse about these maquilas is that there is “forced overtime, employment of children as young as thirteen years old, and bathrooms that remain locked for most of the workday (“Guatemala - Working Conditions”). And, shockingly, almost sixty percent of the maquilas in Guatemala are owned by the United States (“Guatemala”).

For people who try to find work in agriculture, it is very difficult, as well. Most of the agricultural work is seasonal, meaning that you won’t have the job the entire year. And, the housing at the agriculture sites is usually bare bones without any bedding; the pay is usually not reaching minimum wage, and the total one will earn for…

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