Essay on A Brief Note On Journalist And A Journalist

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I want to be a journalist when I get older. Being a journalist would be perfect for me because I love talking to people and knowing the whole truth. Knowing the whole story is extremely important to me. In a journalist career it 's uncommon to be lucky enough to travel the world, but some journalists are offered to travel the world and ask people questions about an important story. Necessary education for a journalist is experience in the field. Being comfortable around people and not afraid of asking big questions. Having a degree in a journalism field can also help get you far, and there is training available for people who want to do more talking and interacting. To become a journalist that just writes and puts the stories on paper is in the low hundreds. To actually be a journalist that gets to be active with people is even lower. For this occupation, there is room to grow. There is no way to get stuck in this job as long as I work hard and always have a reasonable goal to pursue. With hard work, the only way to go is up. The general salary of a journalist is about $38K a year. But for me this job is for more of the experience. The chance to travel the world, talk to unique people, study other cultures, etc. in my opinion would be better than any kind of money. The lower salary of a journalist is about $29,310. This is very little and defiantly not the best paid job, but I would rather be happy with amazing memories than rich and unhappy. Initially UNM, University…

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