A Brief Note On International Fresh Water Problems Essay

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International Fresh Water Problems
Water is one of the most precious non-living natural resources on Earth. What is water to humans? Why are people fighting for rights over it? How is water an international problem in today’s society if we have so much of it? Why are there so many social and economic challenges issued around water? This indeed is an issue, yet people are oblivious to what is happening around them. It could be taking place right in their backyard, for all they may know. What is water? It is one of the primary human needs for survival, considering the average human body is made up of approximately 70% water. However, people do not just depend on water for the sake of consumption, humans also use water for the production of crops and livestock in the agricultural industry. Unlike people most living organisms need water in order to survive. Droughts are one of the main reasons for forest fires in many parts of the world. In several cases, lightning strikes forest fires due to the dry trees. Droughts are also the main reason for failed farm crops because unlike humans, plants need water, some more than others. In the end water is a vital resource for life on Earth.
Why is fresh water being fought for, if it should be protected? Did you know that there is less than 1% of available fresh water on Earth at this moment in time for all human/animal needs, agricultural/farming needs, and forestry needs? Less than 1%! Rivers, lakes and streams are either drying up…

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