A Brief Note On Informatics And Nursing Informatics Essay

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Informatics Nursing
Educational Criteria. Informatics nurse education program in the advanced level is either through a certification in nursing informatics with a master’s degree in nursing or a graduate level program with concentration in nursing informatics. However, an RN with at least a Bachelor’s degree can fulfill eligibility with the required 2000 work hours in the field to sit for the certification exam through ANCC (ANCC, 2015). The Clinic Nurse Specialist is only for master’s level or higher. Criteria to meet for certification are mentioned under the licensure explanation. Coursework includes clinical information systems and consumer health information with informatics nurse practicum. In the masters’ level, education, public health informatics and research in nursing informatics are also included (ANCC, 2015).
Scope of Practice. RNs can work in the nursing informatics field in any type of informatics nursing role in any health care environment dealing with consumer data, education, public health or research. An INS is a clinical nurse with informatics competency that is experience based at a graduate level with diverse functional roles applying the nine Code of Ethics provisions (Bickford, 2014).
Licensure. An Informatics Nursing Specialist (INS) must have the equivalent of 2 years full-time as an RN; complete “30 hours of continuing education in informatics nursing within the last 3 years; and practice a minimum of 2,000 hours in informatics nursing within the…

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