A Brief Note On Hydroelectric Dams And The Human Existence Essay

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“You have to know the past to understand the present.” Many people in everyday situations can relate to this quote by Carl Sagan, such as how you must know what water is to understand why there are hydroelectric dams. In the greater aspect of human existence though, the quote is said to hold even more certainty, because in all truth, the superannuated objects and organisms that archaeologists dig up is what has given the human race even a chance in coming to understand why this particular species is able to dominate all seven continents along with the water between them. What are these past remnants of truth called? People are often times under the fallacy that fossils are bones, though if research was limited to these, then little progress would be made. Fossils include anything and everything that is found, because looking a step deeper into evolution, it’s not always about what an organism that once lived looked like, but about what their life was like, day-to-day surviving in the immemorial past.

They started by digging— some accidental and some providential discoveries. After hearing the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin, many were prompted to follow the lead they were given— a new belief system that not only defied common practices, but in contrast, opened the gateway to new understanding of the “why” behind our life on Earth. One particular question came out of the uncanny similarity between apes and human, and then between apes and the quadrupedal…

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