A Brief Note On Home And Shelter Of Each Baby Essay

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Describe the
Home/Shelter of Each Baby Two parent family plus one child. Living in a bright, clean, modern, urban apartment, equipped with electricity, sewer, running water, heating system and all other modern utilities for a comfortable living. Bright, clean, separate areas for cooking, bathing, working, and sleeping, with a separate bedroom for the baby,. Nomadic life style. Live in a forest hut, made of wooden sticks. No door, no floor, no windows. Lacking basic sanitary facilities, electricity, running water, sewer. Food preparation and other activities take place outside the hut.
Nomadic life, follow their animals from pasture to pasture, taking their home with them. Family of 4; mother, father and 2 children, live in a one room "tent" made of skins of the animals they heard. Lacking basic sanitary facilities; running water, electricity, and sewer. Bathe in a basin.

Two parents family plus one child, living in an urban settings. Modern accommodations, house or an apartment, bright and clean. Separate cooking facility, living and eating areas. Separate bedroom for the baby.
Living accommodations equipped with electricity, water, sewer, television, computer, and all other modern utilities for a comfortable living

Name of Each Baby.
Male or Female?

Marie- Female


Bayarjargal (nicknamed Bayar)- Male

Hattie- Female
Describe Where Each Baby Was Born
Baby born in a state of the art birthing facility, in a hospital.…

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