A Brief Note On Health Care Systems : United States And Iceland

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Comparison of Health Care Systems: United States and Iceland
Kamala Sapkota
Florida International University

Comparison of Health Care Systems: United States and Iceland
For this assignment of comparison of health care systems, I choose Iceland and United States. For a long time I was interested in Iceland as a country itself, I love the weather, the landscapes and wanted to visit one day, this time I had a chance to learn and explore more about its health system and to compare with United States of America (USA). Iceland is a volcanic island which is in between north Atlantic and Artic Ocean approximately a size of a state of United States, Virginia.() Iceland has a population of 330,000 (World Health Organization [WHO], 2016). On the other hand, according to WHO (2013), USA has the total population of 320,051,000
Health Statistics and Costs
The health statistics of a country determines the status of a country and hence is very essential. WHO, World Bank and United Nations provide the majority of data related to the health statistics.
United States. According to Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2015, female’s life expectancy at birth is 81.2 years and males life expectancy at birth is 76.4 years. The infant mortality rate is 594.7 deaths per 100,000 live births. Heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases are the major leading cause of deaths in USA (CDC, 2015). According to the data published in WHO website for…

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