A Brief Note On Health Care And Education Reconciliation Act Of 2010

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The health care in the U.S has provided quite a number of organizations. However, it is mostly owned and operated by the private sector businesses. A recent statistics shows that, about only 57% of most hospitals are non-profit, the government owns 20% and 21% of some hospitals are for profit (health care and education reconciliation act of 2010). Notwithstanding these figures, the proportion of the government is lesser than that of the non-government. Thus, it becomes difficult for them (government) to operate in the way that will beneficial to the population. Although there could pass certain laws which will help the masses from any challenges. Additionally, the government also spent almost 17% on only gross domestic product and $8.608 on healthcare per capita than any other country according to research by the world health organization (2011). And this led to one of the most expensive healthcare system known to the world. Moreover, this expenditure went up rapidly compared to any other sector in the economy. And this affected and influenced the significant growth in America’s healthcare system in a more negative way. Some of which are: the percentage of the elderly in various communities increased yearly with regards to health and or other medical issues, also, the number in the general population went up yearly, not forgetting the rising cost of the individual as well as the healthcare insurance for families became an another issue of concern, plus the growth in allied…

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