A Brief Note On Health And Health Care Essay

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In many cultures healthcare is approached in many different ways. In America we may go to general doctors, specialist, or even Emergency personnel however there are many types of physicians or healthcare workers around the world. In the rural areas of China there are the barefoot doctors or a land between two rivers where people turn to sheep for help; whereas Greeks develop modern day neurological surgeries. As there is so much diversity in the types of doctors around the world, every person is different causing a different approach each person takes on how to treat or diagnose the patient.With such a wide variety of how different cultures look at healthcare and treat patients, they have all came to a basis of basic medical care. On the other hand, Healthcare has so much diversity in it in so many areas, such as the paralanguage, proxemics, facial expressions, or maybe how much power a person may hold. In today’s news, we have heard so much about Iraq but not many people take into consideration about the care they receive when sick or need medical attention. In the large land of Iraq, there is a land which lays between two rivers called Mesopotamia which the rivers flow through modern Iraq (Geography, Web). In a land between two rivers, you wonder who do they go to when people need some sort of medical attention. As far back as the 1600’s, the mesopotamians who were sick would sacrifice a sheep to look at the liver and decide what was causing the patient’s to become…

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