A Brief Note On Harmful Or Beneficial? Essay

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Chemoradiotherapy: harmful or beneficial?

There are many treatment suggestions for those who have been diagnosed for cancer. Some could be chemotherapy, radiation, or both, which is chemoradiotherapy. While studying and researching the affect these treatments have on cancerous cells and tumors, a major question is asked about the future health of the cancer patients. Is the combination of chemotherapy and radiation, also known as chemoradiotherapy, more beneficial or harmful to patients? Some doctors believe that the benefits outweigh the cons, while others believe it is more detrimental to the patient’s health.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death (Ji, 2012). To some doctors chemoradiotherapy can be very harmful to surrounding tissue, while other doctors feel that the good that comes with chemoradiotherapy outweigh the bad. On a cellular level, the chemotherapy drugs administered are cytotoxic, essentially killing the cell. The cytotoxicity depends on the certain chemotherapy drugs given and the intensity of the regimen (Moran, 2000). Radiation is used to kill cancerous cells and cancerous tumors by sending energy carried by waves. When these waves encounter cells, it damages the DNA inside the cell. Because DNA holds the information for a cell to know when to divide and grow, the damaged cells will no longer be able to grow or divide and eventually dies (“How does radiation work to treat cancer,” 2014). Radiation also kills cells that are in the process of…

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