A Brief Note On Geo Engineering Is Defined As The Artificial Modification Of The Earth 's Climate System

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Geo-engineering is defined as the artificial modification of the Earth’s climate system. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing day-by-day, majority due to human activity. This is having negative effects on the climate and human beings. Researchers have created filtering machines to help reduce carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Also, researchers are thinking of artificially enhancing the growth of phytoplankton; which absorb nearly the same rate of carbon dioxide from the ocean and the atmosphere as land plants do. However, others argue that both of these can have severe consequences and possibly cause more harm.
“Washing carbon out of the air” by Klaus Lackner is about machines that could help reduce and possibly eliminate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is projected that in the future the concentration of carbon dioxide will continue to increase and despite support for renewable energy, developing countries will continue to burn and use coal, oil, and natural gases adding more to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One option is that we ban carbon-based fuels, but the world doesn’t seem to be ready for that drastic of a step. Another is to allow forest areas to expand and absorb the gases, but humans also impede this plan because of land resources needed. Another option is “filtering machines—think of them as synthetic trees—can capture far more carbon dioxide than natural trees of a similar size” (Lackner, 66). Researchers are currently…

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