Essay on A Brief Note On Gas And Natural Gas

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Coal Versus Natural Gas; Effects on Water Availability in the US
The purpose of this study is to determine whether natural gas, when extracted via hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, has a more negative impact to water availability than coal extraction and washing. Fracking is a new technology that uses horizontal drilling and chemically laced water to remove natural gas from shale rock deposits which was previously unavailable by historic extraction methods (Bambrick, 2012). Fracking leaves 92% of the water used in its process in the extraction wells and lost to our ecosystem forever (McFeeley, 2013). Coal, when extracted, must be washed in order to remove non-coal material. Chemicals are also added to the water to help in separation of the materials. Coal wash water is then treated before being released (S. Roush, personal communication, August 1999). If coal washing is determined to be less harmful to the water availability than natural gas fracking, then the conversion of coal fired power plants to natural gas should be stopped.
The unbiased research method developed is such that the results will be meaningful and able to be used for the betterment of the US water availability planning. It is believed the results will show that while coal uses water, the water is still available to be used. On the other side of the argument, fracking heavily contaminates the water that is used and then sequesters that water such that it is no longer…

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